Harley Davidson's first electric bike is a thing of beauty

Project LiveWire

Iconic motorbike brand Harley Davidson has today revealed its very first electric motorcycle.

Dubbed Project LiveWire the electronically powered Harley certainly has the looks to be an awesome bike, but does it has that iconic Harley power and sound?

Well firstly it won't be available to the general public, at least for while anyway. The LiveWire will go through a testing stage where select US customers will be chosen to ride the bike and provide feedback, sort of like a beta test that you see for certain computing hardware and software.

While it looks great, early specs don't really live up to the Harley Davidson name. The LiveWire's 74bhp and 52lb torque AC induction motor will get you from 0-60 under four seconds, but a top speed of only 92mph and a range of 53 miles will leave a lot to be desired.

Though it is important to note that this won't be these may not be the specifications of the final finished product.

The battery powered Davidson's sound will also be a little different for all those Harley aficionados out there. The motor company describes the LiveWire's sound as "Fighter jet on aircraft carrier."

Harley Davidson President and COO, Matt Levatich said: "Project LiveWire is just one element in our efforts to preserve and renew the freedom to ride for generations to come."

The get a better idea of the sound that Project LiveWire will make take a look at the short teaser video that Harley have released.