Glastonbury 2014: Early weather forecast looks dry


It is, of course, too early to say “don’t bring your wellies”.

When it comes to Glastonbury festival, it’s always too early to say that, even if – as we discovered last year – you’re already on site and the sun is beating down on the dry ground.

And yet it’s hard not to be optimistic about this year’s weather forecasts, which currently suggest an almost entirely dry festival.

FestiWeather’s forecast has a single millimetre of rain due to fall over the entire Wednesday-Sunday period, with that cooling splash of cloud water arriving on the Saturday. The BBC shows how the build-up to the festival is likely to be dry – important for keeping the ground firm for when punters arrive – and also forecasts nothing more serious than a light rain shower during the festival itself, again due to hit on Saturday during the day.

Metcheck is similarly positive, predicting a small amount of rain (1.5mm) on Thursday but virtually nothing over the rest of the weekend. Temperatures, it predicts, could rise to around 23C over the course of the weekend.

Be warned, though: there is a little bit of rain forecast for Monday when it’s all due to be over, and it only takes a few gusts of wind – or maybe a particularly ferocious set by Metallica on Saturday night – to alter the course of that. Feel quietly optimistic, Glastonbury-goers, but don’t get complacent!

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