Beats banned from the World Cup

Beats Headphones

FIFA have taken the decision to ban all Beats headphones from all the World Cup stadiums.

All competing players will now be forbidden from wearing, using or taking in to the stadium any headphones with the Beats brand name on.

Some of the world's most idolised players, like Brazilian wonderkid Neymar and Uruguayan striker Luis Suarez, have been seen wearing the Beats by Dre product, and FIFA are seeing it as endorsement by the players according to Reuters.

Sony is the official sponsorship partner of the 2014 World Cup, thus FIFA only want to see players using products made by the Japanese tech company.

This isn't the first time Beats have caused controversy at a major sporting event; during the 2012 London Olympic games Beats sent out thousands of free headphones to competing athletes. Again Beats weren't a sponsor and it seemed like they just wanted some cheeky free endorsements. They were also eventually banned by the Olympic Committee.

Considering Neymar, Suarez and a whole host of other top players appeared in Beats' advert 'The Game Before the Game' last week they must have some kind of sponsorship deal with the sound company. However it’s clearly stated in FIFA guidelines that players aren't allowed to wear any gear from their personal sponsors anyway. 

Plus it is highly likely that the guilty players did not pay for the headphones themselves and instead got them for free throughout their sponsorship deal with Beats, so it's not even as though they are privately owned by the players.