Why Miami Heat can contend without LeBron James

Why Miami Heat can contend without LeBron James.

When LeBron James, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh joined forces in 2010 they each took a pay cut, signing six year contracts with early termination options this year and player options next year.

Dwyane Wade will probably choose to stay on at the Miami Heat. He has been at the Heat his whole career and he will want to retire as a Miami Heat guy for life. He also picks up a cool $40M plus over the next two years.

Chris Bosh has already indicated he will stay at the Heat also.

So that leaves LeBron.

Understandably all eyes will be on him as he prepares to makes his decision, and presumably there will be no live televised ESPN production to announce it.

The Finals series against the San Antonio Spurs severely exposed LeBron’s supporting cast, and him leaving to play with a better roster is a very real possibility. That would be a huge loss to the Heat of course, but it wouldn’t be as bad as some make out.

In Chris Bosh they have a 20 point per game scorer that is capable of putting up big numbers when the team play through him. This is not however to understate the scale of the adjustment this would involve, both as a team as well as individually.

Almost all of the Heat roster can become free agents on July 1, and having a clean state can be a positive. Coach Spoelstra can continue his development; He is, remember, only 43-years-old.

The Heat would have plenty of quality free agents to choose from to build up their roster again. Greg Monroe and Pau Gasol are two elite big men they could sign to play with Bosh to form an intimidating frontline. Eric Bledsoe and Chandler Parsons are exciting young prospects they could potentially sign to give their team new life, albeit restricted free agents.

Miami remains an attractive free agent landing spot, in part because of the beautiful location and warm weather, and also because of President Pat Riley’s proven track record of delivering championships for his players.

Miami would rather keep the big three intact and upgrade the supporting cast. But if LeBron leaves it’s not the end of the world for the Heat.