Unity games engine gets full public release for PS4

Ps4 Dualshock4

Unity 4.3 for PlayStation 4 is now available allowing Unity developers to self-publish for the platform.

Unity have announced the new PS4 specific Unity 4.3 for PlayStation 4. To get on board and start developing for Sony’s latest and greatest all you’ll need to do is register with Sony. Once done you’ll be able to download Unity for PS4 and start self publishing on PSN without having to pay any set-up fees to get licenced.

Unity for PS4 supports next gen graphics technologies such as Shader Model 5 and compute shaders. The Dualshock 4 features can also be utilised by the engine allowing access to the controller's speaker, touchpad, vibration feature and lightbar.

The PS4 Unity engine can also be used to develop for the PS4 camera allowing for depth detection, PS Move detection and hand and face positioning.

Recent Unity games for PS4 include Stick It To The Man. Upcoming games made with Unity include the Abe’s Oddysee reboot, New ‘n’Tasty set to land on PS4 next month and CounterSpy from Dynamighty which has recently gathered some interest at E3. Check it out below.

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