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Is Cellino taking an unnecessary risk with Hockaday appointment?

Is Leeds United's owner playing a dangerous game in order to be labelled a 'genius' in the future?

The reaction towards David Hockaday's pending appointment, for the most part, has been very negative with pretty much every Leeds United fan questioning: 'why David Hockaday?'.

Aside from an okay coaching background and an underwhelming stint as Forest Green Rovers manager, it is fair to say that not a lot of people know much about the name David Hockaday. In fact, before Cellino's interest in him arose, Leeds United fans had probably never even heard of him. So, why has Cellino seemingly risked aggrivating the Leeds United fans base in order to bring this particular coach in? My answer to that question is simple: it is a high risk move in order for him to prove that he is a footballing 'genius'.

Hockaday, who would have had to apply for the job to get on the radar, would have no doubt been interviewed by the Italian at some point and had his chance to impress Cellino, either in person or on the phone. It also has to be taken into account that the job of head coach job at Elland Road is unlike most manager jobs in England, which has already been stated previously by Cellino himself.

''I want someone to take care of the preparation of the team: the training, the tactics and so on,'' said Cellino.

''Not the recruitment or the contracts, which I will take care of. The job is a coach, not a manager, which is an important difference.''

Therefore, despite the size of the club, the job at Elland Road would have been a no-go for a lot of well-known managers who would rather not run the risk of being dictated by the owner which, in this case, hasn't even been made a secret; interference would have been expected.

However, I believe the biggest reason behind the Hockaday appointment is for the eccentric Cellino to prove that he knows best and when it comes to similar issues in the future, he is someone the fans should believe in. A very dangerous game given what a poor start could do to Leeds United, but one he seems confident enough to take. 

He, more than most, will know what he wants in a head coach and David Hockaday has seemingly ticked all the right boxes for the Italian. Now, like any other managerial appointment, the proof will be in the pudding and there is nothing to say he can't succeed where the well-respected McDermott couldn't. 

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