VIDEO: NBA players read Mean Tweets on Jimmy Kimmel Live

LA Clippers Chris Paul and Golden State Warriors Steph Curry are among those to feature.

Talk show host Jimmy Kimmel is an enthusiastic fan of basketball; it is well known that he supports the Los Angeles Lakers.

Jimmy Kimmel Live is situated in Hollywood, and the show’s location means Kimmel can regularly have Lakers and Clippers players on the show, as well as others who happen to be in the area.

He has a popular segment called Mean Tweets, where by celebrities are invited on to the show to... you guessed it, read out mean tweets about themselves.

Kimmel has an NBA edition.

Featured are digs at Nate Robinson’s lack of height, ridicule of Steph Curry’s facial hair and fun poked at Dikembe Mutombo’s unique vocal chords. 

Who would have thought that these NBA players would be so eager to read hate mail directed at them out loud on TV?

In fact it’s the second NBA edition. The first was also well received if 9.8 million YouTube views are anything to go by.