NBA Trade Talk: Kyle Lowry to make Miami Heat a Big Four?

Toronto Raptors Kyle Lowry garnered much praise for his play last season and becomes an unrestricted free agent this summer. Could he end up in Miami?

The Miami Heat are facing a critical period for the future of their franchise. The Big Three came together in 2010 when LeBron James, Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh agreed to team up in order to give themselves the best shot at an NBA title.

Coming off the back of a loss in the NBA Finals to the San Antonio Spurs, we find James, Wade and Bosh all faced with early termination options.

This is a contractual clause that allows players to pot out of their contracts early and become unrestricted free agents. The possibility that one or all of their stars may opt out of their contract this summers allows for a myriad of different scenarios to arise.

One that have many excited is the prospect of James, Wade and Bosh all opting out of their contracts in order to receive less money and hope to lure a 4th major star to South Beach.

While rumours abound that this player may be Carmelo Anthony, who can also opt out of his contract this summer, a more realistic target may need to pursued.

One such player is Kyle Lowry, who is set to hit the market as an unrestricted free agent and was recently linked with the Heat by ESPN’s Brian Windhorst.

While the dream of the ultimate super team comprised of James, Wade, Bosh and ‘Melo sounds appealing, in some ways pursuing Lowry may make more sense for the Heat. Mario Chalmers, the Heat’s current starting point-guard had a truly dreadful Finals, forcing coach Erik Spoelstra to play a point-guardless line-up at times, with LeBron taking command of the ball handling duties.

Lowry showed this season that he can play at a very high level and was unlucky to be snubbed from the East’s All Star team.

Lowry would probably complement the Heat’s current roster better than Anthony whose arrival in Miami would trigger all sorts of questions about the power dynamics with the Heat’s team. Who takes the most shots, let alone the last shot, in a team with Carmelo Anthony and LeBron James on it?

While Lowry signing with the Heat would involve a lot of unlikely things to happen (the Big Three taking pay cuts and Lowry taking less than he’d earn elsewhere), no possibility should be ruled out when talking about the Miami Heat.