Cavaliers' Kyrie Irving shows off baseball skills with the Cleveland Indians

NBA star Kyrie Irving has been showing his hand at baseball.

Cleveland Cavaliers fans are worrying about whether they can trust star point guard Kyrie Irving with a maximum five year contract extension, and if he would even sign it when offered.

Kyrie Irving however is not worrying himself with these issues at all. Right now, Kyrie Irving is enjoying the off season by practicing his batting technique.

The Cleveland Indians played the Los Angeles Angels on Monday and before the game Kyrie was at the batting cages.

He didn’t look out of place. He was wearing an Indians Jersey with the number two on the back, the same number he wears for the Cavs, and he showed he could handle himself on the field, making contact on every pitch and impressing the professionals looking on. 

His pitching skills weren’t shabby either:

By no means is he the first NBA athlete to try his hand at baseball. Michael Jordan of course had a short lived baseball career after retiring from basketball in 1993, and former scoring champion Tracy McGrady has gone on to play professional baseball for the Sugar Land Skeeters.

Irving at least showed he was more competent that a certain Nick “Swaggy P” Young, whose ceremonial pitch for the LA Dodgers was so poor even the Lakers mocked him.

The Cleveland Indians won the game 4 – 3.