China to build world's tallest most environmentally friendly building

Phoenix Towers

A new Chinese super-structure called the Phoenix Towers could soon become the tallest building on the planet.

Shaped like a lance that was used for Jousting in the 'olden days', the Phoenix Towers will upon completion snatch away the title of the world's tallest building from the grip of the almighty Burj Khalifa.

The Khalifa of Dubai currently stands at 2,722-ft tall, but the Phoenix Towers will demolish that figure if it reaches its estimated height of 3,281-ft or exactly 1000m (1km).

It is a firm from the United Kingdom that has architected this incredible super-structure and they are called Chetwoods. The company designed the towers with Chinese heritage and culture in mind; they wanted it to be a structure unique to China and unlike any other currently standing on earth.

The Tower will feature two spire-like structures that you can see in the above image, and they will supposedly depict the Chinese myths of the Phoenix, which was dual-gender. So one tower will represent the female Huang and the other a male Feng. The Feng tower will use sustainable energy to power itself and its female counterpart.

According to Chetwoods the towers, as well as being the largest, will also be the most technologically advanced structures ever seen.

The Feng tower is going to be packed all the way to the very tip with solar panels that will absorb the sun's rays, a turbine will sit somewhere near the summit and will harvest the wind's energy. It will also feature a rain harvesting facility, biomass boilers and insect hotels.

The designers hope the Phoenix Towers will play a central role in helping to solve the major ecological problems caused by China's catastrophic pollution levels.

Chetwoods claims that construction of the buildings will begin within the next year and will be completed in just three years, which is half as long as the Burj Khalifa took to construct.