Youtube to start blocking popular music videos

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Youtube will begin removing your favourite music videos after it emerged that they have failed to agreement new terms with indie record labels.

Music videos by the likes of Adele, The Arctic Monkey and Radiohead could soon be removed from Google-owned YouTube.

On the cusp of releasing its own music subscription service, Google has begun negotiating new deals with a number of record labels.

The three biggest labels: Sony, Universal and Warner have all agreed to Google's new terms, but it's the smaller ones who are holding out and claiming that the terms Google are offering are unfavourable.

YouTube’s head of content and business operations, Robert Kyncl told the Financial Times it would only take "a matter of days" to block all videos from the associated record label.

English singer-songwriter Billy Bragg has criticised YouTube and Google for trying to "strong-arm" indie labels into accepting lower fees for their content.

YouTube could be facing legal action as an organisation that represents small independent label called Impala has appealed to the European Commission for help.

With their new subscription service soon to launch YouTube feel that they are bringing record companies new revenue streams, but it's no wonder YouTube and Google want to jump into the subscription market with rivals Amazon launching a similar service, and Apple recent purchase of Beats Electronics.