This week’s new Wii U download games

Another World

Available from June 19th, check the new Wii U games up for download this week on the UK Nintendo eShop.

Pullblox World

The European rebranding of Pushmo World a hit 3DS push-pull puzzler that’s made it’s way to Wii U with enhanced graphics, level creation and sharing features. If you’ve got a previous Pushmo title already you can get the new game at a discount if linked to the same Nintendo ID.

Monkey Pirates

Take to varying oceanic arenas in your monkey captained boat for up-to five player battles across a number of different game modes. Collect power ups for your ship dealing with icebergs, maelstroms and the like whilst fighting to be champ of the Monkey Pirates.

Another World - 20th Anniversary Edition

Revisit a classic atmospheric platformer from the Amiga/Atari ST days ported to console 3 years on from its twentieth anniversary in 2011. Save for a graphical tweak not much has changed from the original giving Another World all the appeal it had back in the 1990s. Do you remember this game from first time round?

How to Train Your Dragon 2

Reviewers of the How to Train Your Dragon movie sequel have said some positive things about the film. Now’s your chance to see if the film tie-in is any good as well


Color Zen Kids

A scaled down version of the chromatic puzzler Color Zen for your Zen initiates in training. A great way to encourage problem solving and coordination with a colourful kid-friendly animal theme.


Super C™ (Virtual Console-NES)

More retro games for the Wii U’s virtual console this time the NES classic Super C the sequel to the also classic Contra. move and shoot through 2D scrolling levels seen through a number of changing viewpoints taking on Red Falcon by yourself of with a friend in simultaneous 2 player co-op.


That's what’s new to download this week for Wii U, games will be available from June 19th on the UK Nintendo eShop. Any of this weeks new titles taking your interest? Let us know if so.

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