New York Knicks NBA Trade Talk: San Antonio Spurs' Patty Mills to play point guard?

Will San Antonio Spurs championship winner be a New York Knick next season?

The New York Post report that Phil Jackson and Derek Fisher are interested in bringing Australian point guard Patty Mills to the New York Knicks. According to reporter Marc Berman the Knicks have coveted Mills for a while, and the interest is mutual:

New York is definitely a city Mills would want to play in,’’ the source said. “He has that personality."

Patty Mills had a stellar NBA Finals campaign, shooting an incredible 57% from the three point line and averaging 10.2 points in 15 minutes per game against the Miami Heat.

Unless head coach Derek Fisher can come close to replicating Gregg Popovich’s offensive master class, it is doubtful even with Phil Jackson giving advice that Patty Mills would be able to produce the same startling form all season long.

He would be an upgrade on who the Knicks have currently. Raymond Felton’s play fizzled out after an impressive 2013 season. Backup Pablo Prigioni is more reliable but the pass first, pass second point guard is obviously limited at 37 years old.

The Knicks desperately need quality production from the point guard spot. Shannon Brown is also on the roster and has worked will Phil Jackson before, but no one is really sure what to expect from the oft-injured, journeyman guard.

The Knicks will have to hope that Mills doesn’t receive a big offer from elsewhere. There are various point guards of quality in this free agency class, including the Heat’s Mario Chalmers, the Raptors’ Kyle Lowry and the Celtic’s Jerryd Bayless, so if the Knicks don’t get their man they are not exactly stuck.