Microsoft ad inadvertently turns on your Xbox One

Xbox One Controller

A recent ad for Xbox One showing off the Kinect voice commands is triggering people’s consoles.

The commercial, which you may have seen, shows Aaron Paul of Breaking Bad fame kicking back with his Xbox One whilst dishing out some authoritative voice commands to his console. Here it is below.

Gamers are complaining that the advert is randomly activating their Xbox Ones. Those with their Kinects in earshot of their TV speakers have found that when Paul vocally commends his console with phrases such as "Xbox on" and "Xbox go to Titanfall" in the ad, people’s Xbox Ones are obediently performing the commands against the will of the owner.

Microsoft as yet haven’t commented on the unwanted remote commanding of their consoles, as displayed in another Xbox advert they are conscious of the trolling possibilities of the Xbox One however, see below.


Meanwhile you have one work-around by turning the sound down when adverts come on.

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