GTA Online: I'm Not a Hipster Update - Everything that is included!

GTA Online I'm Not A Hipster

Rockstar have confirmed that the I'm Not a Hipster Update is now available for those who want a more "before it was cool" experience.

There is a plethora of new features with update 1.14 and we don't want any of you guys to miss out on all of the new features that have been included so we have put together a list of everything that you can make use of in this latest update to Grand Theft Auto Online.

First of all, we have the 7 new affordable hipster vehicles that have been added for you to take advantage of, you may want to hurry up and get them "before they become popular".

-Benefactor Glendale
-Benefactor Panto 
-Declasse Rhapsody
-Lampadati Pigalle 
-Vapid Blade
-Vulcar Warrener
-Benefactor Dubsta 6x6 (Unlocks at Rank 100)

The new Benefactor Dubsta
GTA Online Dubsta

10 Existing vehicles from GTA V have also been added to Grand Theft Auto Online and can be purchased on Southern SA Autos:
-Albany Primo
-BF Surfer
-Bravado Buffalo
-Franklin's Bravado Buffalo S
-Bravado Youga
-Cheval Picador
-Dundreary Regina
-Trevor's Karin Rebel (clean version)
-Trevor's Nagasaki Hot Rod Blazer
-Michael's Obey Tailgater

In addition to this, 2 new weapons have been added:
-Antique Cavalry Dagger
-Vintage Pistol

Head over to LS Customs to make use of even more new features:
-Pink and Brown Tire Smoke
-Pure Black Window Tint
-Pure Gold and Brushed Gold paint in "Metals"
-4 new horns (including one that speeds up/slows down as you drive)

Character Customization is further expanded:
-Over 170 new clothing items have also been added
-49 new tatoos are available
-4 new hairstyles for both male and female
-Go Hotline Miami with the 8 new animal masks (4 animals, 2 colour variations)
-8 new player celebrations, 7 new player actions, 4 new paired actions

12 New Jobs:

-Before it was cool (Race)
-Beach Odyssey (Race)
-Caffeine Rush
-Embracing America
-Hip to be cool
-Trend Setting

-East Vinewood LTS

-Puerta Del Sol

-Legion Square Survival

-Contend Condo-monium
-GTA: Grab a Cab

Heists are definitely on their way:
Heists haven't appeared in the latest update but this does not mean that they are not coming, if heists don't make an appearance in the next few months then it is almost completely certain they will debut with the next gen and PC launch.

The main patches and fixes:
- No paying insurance if someone with no GTA$ blows up your car
- No sharing insurance costs with the person who blew it up
-Tear Gas does more damage and lasts longer
-Coveted has been changed
+Much More

Want the full patch list? Check it out here

Do you like the new additions to GTA Online? Let us know what you think and what you would like to see in the future.

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