eSports Major League Gaming Championship commences June 20th

Major League Gaming

Hundreds of the world's top gamers to compete to be the best at CoD: Ghosts, Starcraft II, Super Smash Bros, Injustice and Killer Instinct.

Running from June 20-22 MLG’s premier eSports champsionship event kicks off in Anaheim CA this week with millions expected to follow the proceedings worldwide. Over a 1000 of the world’s top eSports competitors will fight it out for their share of $150.000 prize pot across a number of hit games.

Call of Duty: Ghosts. There’s two CoD competitions to follow, the first being the final of the CoD Major League Gaming pro tour season two. After months of online competition the top eight teams from Season 2 of the MLG Call of Duty League, the top two teams from Season 1 of the Gfinity Call of Duty League and the second place team from ACL Brisbane will compete for $70,000 in prizes in the International League Playoffs on Xbox One. Teams that have made it through the qualifiers include: OpTic Gaming (gold medalists at the debut MLG X Games Invitational), Curse Black, Curse Australia FaZe Black and the UK-grown Epsilon (an interview with Epsilon captain Jordan ‘Jurd’ Crowley can be found here).

Another $10.000 is up for grabs in a separate Season 3 Play In Tournament with 192 teams battling to get into the top four to qualify for Season 3 of the MLG Call of Duty League. Among the teams in the open bracket are some familiar CoD names including JusTus, OpTic Nation and Strictly Business. Teams in both tournaments can also earn 10,000 MLG Pro Points.

StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm. The eSports RTS phenomenon returns offering  up $40.000 in prize money and 4.000 StarCraft II World Championship Series points towards qualifying for the Global Finals at Blizzcon later this year. Twelve qualifiers (Violet, Major, Huk, Polt, Illusion, Puck, TLO, Scarlett, Petraeus, Trap, Hendralisk and Miniraser) from previous online competitions will battle against four players from an open bracket that also includes top names the likes of desRow, Catz, Vibe, Xenocider, Suppy, Thorzain, Nestea, Liquid Hero, Alicia and many many more.

Super Smash Bros. Melee. Coming back to the MLG championship for the first time since 2006, Super Smash Bros Melee will see 12 qualifying players among them Mang0, Hungrybox and Mew2Kin compete against another for open brack gamers for their share of $15.000 in prizes.

Injustice: Gods Among Us and Killer Instinct. Two open bracket competitions in two popular fighters will take place during the championships. From Friday, June 20 at 2:30pm to Saturday, June 21 at 5pm players will fight it out in the DC comics fighting game Injustice on Xbox 360 From Saturday, June 21 at 5pm to Sunday, June 22 at 8pm, there’ll be a Killer instinct fight-out on Xbox One. Both tournaments offer $7.500 in prize money, the times given above are in Pacific Time, to work out the time in the UK add eight hours. If you’re checking out these tournaments players to watch include Filthie Rich, PR Balrog, Filipino Champ, Justin Wong, Chris G and PerfectLegend.

To catch up with the action yourself you can watch via the web page or with apps for Android, iOS and Xbox 360.


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