Destiny: PlayStation exclusive content revealed

Destiny Mars Screen 1

Bungie have unveiled the exclusive content coming to the PS3 and PS4 versions of Destiny

The reveal came on the PlayStation blog with some accompanying concept art. Gamers on PS3 and PS4 will get access to a number of exclusive add-ons including maps, armour, weapons and ships.

There’s going to be two PS only maps: the co-op Dust Palace Strike map set on Mars, will also pit you against a new enemy called the the Psion Flayers.

Dust Palace Strike

There will also be the Exodus Blue Competitive Multiplayer Map described as, “a mid-sized Crucible arena that pairs perfectly with Control and Skirmish game mode”

Exodus Blue

The Warlock class will get Manifold Seeker armour

Manifold Seeker

Titan’s will get battle-hardened Vanir armour


And Hunter’s will get all-weather Argus threads.


The exclusive weapons are The Monte Carlo that can be upgraded to improve its hip fire effectiveness and boost melee cool down, very useful in close quarters.

The Monte Carlo

A hand cannon called The Hawkmoon will also be available than can be buffed to be more effective in combat.

The Hawkmoon


Finally there will be three unique ships:

The Aurora Wake

Aurora Wake

The Crypt Hammer

The Crypt Hammer

And the Outrageous Fortune

The OUtrageous Fortune

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