Text smells from your iPhone with oPhone


If sending a photo to set the scene isn’t enough soon you’ll also be able to text smells!

Yes this is completely legit, a device known as oPhone has been invented by Harvard engineering professor David Edwards. With the use of an iPhone app called oSnap you’ll be able to create and send smells attached to texts, images or sounds to a special oPhone scent emitting receiver. These aromatic messages, known as oNotes are created from a base palette of 32 pre-made smells that can be combined together in over 3000,000 different permutations.

In a recent test the smell of New York was successfully transmitted to Paris, although we can only imagine how this would be on the nose.

The oPhone system hopes to use the evocative nature of smells as an aid to memory and communication of place. Speaking to Fast company Edwards notes, “Scent is the world’s natural tweet, because it takes just a few seconds to get a scent. The notion of people saying, “I miss you in New York,” by sending a scent is really interesting and powerful. Or imagine taking a scent selfie and posting it on Facebook.”

Beyond the iPhone app Edwards eventually wants to roll out scent tagged messaging for email, Facebook and Twitter and an oNotes web page where you can get at oMedia with smell-enriched books, films and music.

As of June 17th you’ll be able to download the oSnap app for free and also join the crowd-sourced, fragrance-messaging Indiegogo campaign to get a discounted pair of oPhones. oPhone is currently looking for $150.000 from pledgers and is set to release in 2015.

Below is a video with Edwards going into how oPhone can be use to recreate the taste sensations of food and drink.