First ever Bitcoin app launches on iOS App Store

A new application called Coin Pocket has become the first Bitcoin wallet app to launch on the App Store.

After Apple changed their guidelines to allow virtual currencies to be used in applications, we can expect a flurry of applications updating their payments options to include the world's largest virtual currency.

'Coin Pocket' launched yesterday on the iOS App Store and it allows users to send and receive Bitcoin currency.

The new Bitcoin app is described as:

"Send and receive Bitcoin from your iOS device.

  • Sweep Private Keys in HEX, WIF, or BIP38 format.
  • QR Code Scanner.
  • Export BIP38 private keys for backup.
  • Multiple sources for BTC to USD conversion."

Gift card buying app eGifter and betting app Betcoin have swiftly followed Coin Pocket in updating their apps to allow purchases and bets to be made with the cryptocurrency.

Prior to Apple updating their currency policies, they denied and removed all applications that promoted or used Bitcoin virtual currency.

The most notable occasion being when they made the developers of a private messaging application called Gliph remove the ability to send Bitcoin.