EA Sports UFC coming this week to PS4 and Xbox One

EA UFC 2014 Royce Gracie Screen

The new gen only Ultimate Fighting Championship game lands on June 17th. We take a look at the new features in EA Sports UFC.

Representing the first UFC title by EA since the gaming giants bought the licence from THQ,EA Sports UFC will be out on June 17th as an 8th gen exclusive on PS4 and Xbox One. Seeing the the game as a potential hitter EA have put their famous Fight Night boxing series on hold to bring the next UFC title and are using their Ignite engine, already used on FIFA 14 to power the game.

With around 100 real life UFC fighters on the roster at launch EA Sports UFC will bring a Career Mode with unlockable perks to customise your fighting style and championship matches for online play.

The game also introduces a number of new features to heighten the brutal realism of UFC. Players will be able to use the environment of tthe Octagon to pull off moves with dynamic striking. Grappling is going to become more involved with a strategic submission system breaking holds and counters down into stages. EA are also introducing their MMAI in which non player characters will learn to try out different strategies in a fight to get an advantage and a real time exertion system that maps the effects of fatigue onto fighters.

To further enrich the MMA experience players will take real damage displayed in cuts and bruises as they take hits and a full body deformation systen will be used to show the impact of hits on the body. Below is a video where Youtuber Martial Mind goes into more detail about the new features,


In addition to all the new features the latest EA title is also bringing some super-realistic graphics with detailed scans of UFC fighters. If you want to try out EA UFC a playable demo is currently up for download. on PlayStation Network and Xbox Marketplace. In the run-up to the release of EA Sports UFC it was revealed that the martial arts master Bruce Lee would be playable in the game, either from day one if you pre-order or by unlocking him in career mode. A homage to the Kung Fu master and his legacy on modern day MMA tournaments is below.



If you’ve been waiting for EA Sports UFC or if you’ve been playing the demo or thinking about getting the game, do drop us a comment below.

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