DC Universe Online Summer Sale: 50% off popular marketplace items.


With update 38 and more on its way, now is a great time to stock up on some extra equipment for your heroes and villains.

Nearly everything on the DC Universe Online Marketplace is half price (Except for Supergirl, the base amenities and MC) and includes everything from power re-spec tokens, lair themes, base items, iconic legends PvP characters, extra character slots and much more.

Here is a list of everything on sale.

- All Clothing Items and Skins.
- All Toys, Forms and Guises.
- All Upgrades: Power Respec, Movement Mode Respec, Body Type, Weapon Type.
- Extra Character Slots and Name Changer.
- All Legends PvP Characters (Except Supergirl)
- All Base Items: Lair Themes, Deeds, Armories (Except Amenities)
- All Weapon Styles
- All Supplies: Vault Tickets, Replay Badges, R&D and Radar Enhancers, Portable Amenities, etc...

The Sale Ends tomorrow (Monday 16th June) so hurry while sales still last.

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