Miami Heat's Greg Oden wants to play on next season

When rumours began swirling in the summer of 2013 that Greg Oden was in the middle of making an injury comeback many did not know what to make of such a surreal turn of events.

It seemed so improbable, but it was one of those stories you just wanted to believe was true.

Now Greg Oden is playing in an NBA Finals. But he doesn’t want that to be how the story ends. Win or lose Greg Oden intends to come back next season.

“Yeah, I’m sure I’m playing again next year but honestly I haven’t even gave it much thought. I’m trying to concentrate on this and getting this ring first and after that, that’s part of the thought process. My body feels good. I can still play. I’ll be alright.” he told

Nobody really knows how effective he can be right now because he simply hasn’t played enough

And that’s not necessarily because he doesn’t have anything to offer. Oden was brought in primarily to matchup against the big Indiana Pacers and particularly against Roy Hibbert. He wasn’t needed, in part because the Heat realised Udonis Haslem could guard him competently and also because of a dramatic loss of confidence on Hibbert’s part.

He is an unrestricted free agent this summer and you can be sure a lot of teams will be intrigued by the talent he can potentially offer for a minimal salary. Greg Oden is still a very young man at 26 years old.

It’s a cliché, but you can last a long time in the league by just being big.