NBA Trades: Twitter reacts to Carmelo Anthony to Miami Heat reports

Carmelo Anthony to Miami Heat talk will hot up further after the result of NBA Finals Game 4, a comprehensive win for San Antonio.

Miami were easily beaten in Game 4 of the NBA Finals, San Antonio Spurs cruising to a 107-86 victory.

It was the first time a team have won consecutive road games by 15 plus points in a Championship Finals Series.

The Spurs are now 3-1 up, and head into their home game on Sunday night knowing a win would clinch the title.

For Miami it was a chastening night, with fans booing the team at the start of the fourth quarter, several of them walking out of the American Airline Arena early, not wishing to see any more.

A 4-1 loss would leave Miami looking to shake the team up, knowing they have been overtaken.

It sounds however, that they are already considering this, with a reported desire to add Carmelo Anthony, and create a 'big four', to play alongside LeBron James, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh confirmed by ESPN.

Carmelo can become a free agent, but he has to notify the New York Knicks of his intention to do so by June 23.

He and LeBron are reported to be close friends, and have been since entering the 2003 draft together.

Signing 'Melo will not be simple for Miami due to salary cap considerations but it is possible. 

James, Wade and Bosh each have an option to re-negotiate their contracts this off-season, and can take a slightly reduced salary to do so. ESPN report that recent off-field investment success could see LeBron in particular happy to take a cut.

It is claimed the Heat are actively trying to persuade the trio to do so - talking up the benefits of adding a top star, and after their latest loss to San Antonio, it's easy to see why it would be tempting.

The latest report about their interest has caused a major talking point, no more so than on Twitter. Fans and observers have been debating how desperate their need has got now to change the team up, while others argue Carmelo Anthony's lack of defense makes him a poor fit for this current Miami Heat outfit.

Here is a look at the best of the reaction: