Kevin Love quizzed on LA Lakers trade option - Answer is not what you may expect

Kevin Love was quizzed by kid reporters on his NBA future, specifically leaving the Minnesota Timberwolves for the Los Angeles Lakers.

The NBA's most in-demand player Kevin Love just cannot escape questions on his future.

He was taken to task by two children, creating a promo for video game Skylanders, who landed an interview with the man everybody wants to speak to.

Love told them: "It's an honourable thing to be linked with other teams, but you just gotta roll with the punches and hope you land up with the right one."

He was asked specifically about the LA Lakers, to which he entirely sidestepped, and began talking about the video game instead.

Love is looking to move on from Minnesota after six years without making the play-offs, and has just one season to go before he becomes a free agent, meaning now is the best time for the Timberwolves to trade him.

He offered indication his mind is away from Minnesota, when asked which player he would bring to the Timberwolves, refusing to mention them, stating he would bring LeBron James to 'his team' instead.

Soon we will know who that might be, but we are no closer to finding out if it is the Lakers or not.