Titan screens launch world's largest 4K ready TV

Titan Zeus

For those looking for an enormous TV and have £1 million lying around then the Titan Zeus 4K TV could be for you.

It's a 370-inch, yes that's right 370-inch 4K or ultra-high definition television. Named appropriately after the father of gods and men, the Titan Zeus measures roughly the same size as a football goal.

The screen completely smashes the record of the world's largest television, which was previously held by Panasonic's 152-inch 4K unit.

The display has an astonishing 65 billion colours within it, and can be used in a 'panel mode' that will show up to 20 difference channels at once. Although obviously you would only be able to listen to one, otherwise it would make an awful racket.

With gesture controls integrated into the TV behemoth the user can change channels with just a wink. It will probably have to be a very obvious wink though considering a human blinks on average 15-20 times a minute.

Titan Zeus is filled with other incredible features; it is the first TV in the world that adjusts its brightness and colour depending on the surrounding light. The Zeus will also be able to transform into a CGI fish-tank that is touch sensitive and has motion-tracking control.

An unnamed British millionaire has reportedly bought the first unit and has it deployed at the bottom of his swimming pool.

Titan's chief executive Anthony Ganjou, told the Daily Mail: ‘We have assembled the best screen technologists in the country to hand build a British-made screen which would not only be the biggest but the most extraordinary ever conceived.

‘Following the interest in the launch range of our ultra-high end 173 inch domestic screens we decided to create something iconic and the team spent six months building the million pound screen.’