Philadelphia 76ers interested in trading for the Cleveland Cavaliers' top pick

It’s been rumoured that a combination of the 76ers 3rd pick and Thadeus Young may be what it takes to move Philadelphia to the top of the board

ESPN’s Chad Ford has reported that the Philadelphia 76ers are interested in trading for the top pick in this years NBA draft so as to make sure they pick up Andrew Wiggins on draft night.

In a move that would see the teams switch draft positions and send young power forward Thadeus Young to the Cavaliers, it seems that Philadelphia are not willing to risk losing Wiggins to Cleveland. Whether such a move is necessary, however, must be considered.

This year’s draft has 3 standout talents, Joel Embiid, Jabari Parker and Andrew Wiggins. With each player bringing different things to the table, it seems that teams have made there minds up early about which prospect they’d like to draft.

It’s been reported that the Bucks have settled on Jabari Parker at the number 2 spot, which makes sense given Parker’s polished game and the Bucks’ need for an immediate impact, while this latest development seems to confirm reports that the 76ers have settled on bringing the athletic Wiggins to Philadelphia with the hope that he’ll flourish in their up tempo offence.

The Cavs intentions, however, are somewhat unknown. While looking to keep their options open, if Cleveland do keep a hold of their pick, many scouts have labelled Joel Embiid the can’t miss talent of the draft and would make sense as the number one draft pick.

We must ask then whether Philadelphia are so set on Wiggins that they’re willing to lose Thad Young, a talented player, so as to make sure they get him. Would drafting Embiid be such a disaster? Possibly, given the questions surrounding his back and it seems as though the 76ers are not willing to take that chance.