NBA Trade Talk: Miami Heat target Big Four with Carmelo Anthony

New York Knicks Carmelo Anthony gets a laugh

Reports say the Heat wish to add the New York Knicks star to their roster in free agency.

The Miami Heat are making their fourth consecutive appearance in the NBA Finals, but they are by no means finished assembling their roster.

An ESPN report says that the Heat are considering making a run at all-star small forward Carmelo Anthony - by far the biggest star heading into free agency this summer aside from Miami's own LeBron James.

The Heat's 'Big Three' - James, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh - came together in the summer of 2010 and have since won two titles together with a chance of a three-peat in this year's Finals against the Spurs.

All three have the option of opting out of their current contracts this summer and becoming free agents. All three are likely to remain with the Heat, however, meaning Anthony will likely be the biggest prize on the open market.

The Knicks star has previously declared his intention to opt out, and Miami will throw their hat into the ring with the intention of putting together a team that could potentially be one of the greatest ever.

To fit the multitude of superstars under the salary cap, the Heat trio and Anthony would all need to opt out of their deals in free agency and take massive pay cuts. All three must weigh up how much willing they are willing to sacrifice to pursue multiple championships together.

Anthony reportedly has until June 23 to inform the Knicks of whether he will opt out, and the Heat can make him a contract offer only after July 1.

The Knicks will be desperate to hang onto their talisman, and team president Phil Jackson along with new head coach Derek Fisher will attempt to convince him that they can be successful in New York.

Jackson said, half-jokingly, that Fisher should wear the five championship rings that he won with the Los Angeles Lakers to the meeting with Anthony. However, if Anthony's decision comes down to simply where he is most likely to win titles, the Heat clearly offer the more guaranteed success.