E3 2014 Press Conferences: the hilarious versions

Major Nelson Microsoft E3 2014

Freelance writer and video producer, Matt Lees, has created some rather entertaining videos of the Microsoft and EA E3 press conferences.

Did you stay up late to watch the E3 press conferences this year? I did. Sure, they were entertaining enough, and I don’t feel bad for staying up so late, but if only I’d waited until video producer Matt Lees had created these videos, then I could have gotten some sleep.

In the videos below Matt cleverly covers the hot topics of the conferences in just a few minutes, all with plenty of hilarious voices, interesting observations, and plenty of satire.

The videos are definitely NSFW, as there are sweary bits – enjoy!



Here’s hoping Matt makes some videos for the rest of the conferences – we’ll keep an eye out and update you when/if he does.

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