Soapfighter 2 Hyper Cliffhanger Edition

Soapfighter 2

Disclaimer: This is not a real game, it hasn't been featured at E3 but will put a smile on your face if your a fan of popular soap operas in the UK.

Ever wondered what would happen if Streetfighter 2 had a makeover with popular soap operas such as Eastenders, Coronation Street and Neighbours?

Well fear not as the popular by request Microsoft Paint artist (seriously, search his page up on Facebook) Jim’ll Paint It has come to the rescue with Youtube channel #Mashed to create a mock animated short called Soapfighter 2 Hyper Cliffhanger Edition.

The Soapfighter 2 Hyper Cliffhanger Edition video features Neighbours Harold Bishop hurling blue fireballs at Paul Daniels (not the popular magician) outside a flaming Lou's Place and Coronation Streets Reg Holdsworth fending off repeated spinning bird style kicks from Deirdre Barlow outside the Rovers Return (perhaps she should be shouting 'Ha Do Ken Barlow').

Fans of Eastenders will finally see Pat Butcher and Peggy Mitchell finally sort out their differences after years of bickering with what looks like a Queen Vic 'Get Out Of My Pub' Showdown! We think it will make you chuckle.

Apologies to any visitors outside the UK who may be scratching their heads at this fusion of iconic British (and Australian) soap operas and classic one on one beat em ups but replace these UK characters with ones your familiar with and then you can see what potential this could have.

Whilst its only a couple of minutes long the chip tune infused video will surely bring a smile to your face and potentially ask why aren't they making this for real?

Check it out below from the Mashed Youtube Channel:


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