Mass Effect 4 will have new areas of space and characters

Mass Effect 4 E3 Video Screen 1

Bioware teased the new Mass Effect title during EA’s press conference at E3, along with a new unnamed IP.

Not much was shown of the next Mass Effect title, unfortunately, but Bioware talked us through a couple of aspects of the game whilst showing off some conceptual prototype footage.

Executive Producer, Casey Hudson, spoke of how they began by asking Mass Effect fans what they wanted in a new ME game. The feedback they received was that fans wanted to ‘go somewhere new and to move forward.’ It was confirmed that the game would feature a new region of space, with new characters.

Confirming that Mass Effect 4 is being developed by the Bioware Montreal, Hudson also stated that the Edmonton studio is working on a brand new title. When talking of this new title, Hudson said, ‘we want to build a world that is as big and as imaginative as evertything we’ve done before.’

The BioWare E3 video is below.


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