LA Lakers NBA Trade Talk: Featuring LeBron James and Carmelo Anthony

New York Knicks Carmelo Anthony practices his levitating ball trick

All the latest LA Lakers rumor and speculation, and this one is quite fascinating.

Last decade's dominant team in the NBA, the LA Lakers have just endured a season to forget.

One so bad (27-55) they failed to make the play-offs, entered the Draft Lottery, and came away with only the number seven pick. Oh and they fired their coach too and are yet to appoint a new one.

And that is just where the latest report of intrigue comes in.

USA Today report that the Lakers have major ambitions this off-season, they want to sign LeBron James or Carmelo Anthony.

LeBron is the epitome of the modern day NBA superstar. Fans question whether he is as good as Michael Jordan was, but he is the closest to it in the sport right now.

He is currently trying to lead the Miami Heat to a third successive NBA Championship, and has the option to become a free agent this summer.

As yet he has not confirmed his intentions, and there was even recent speculation the Cleveland Cavaliers could try to bring him back, although that is unlikely while the current ownership remain in place given the acrimonious split last time out.

USA Today write: "The slow pace of the Lakers' coaching search that began April 30 when Mike D'Antoni resigned has been timed deliberately with the upcoming free agency period in the NBA, according to a person with knowledge of the situation.

"Specifically, the idea that the Lakers could beat the odds and land the likes of the Heat's LeBron James, the New York Knicks' Carmelo Anthony or any of the other superstars who may be free agents on July 1 has led the Lakers to plod through their process so as to not limit their potential options."

Carmelo Anthony will become a free agent this off-season, but is not ruling out the possibility of staying with the New York Knicks for now.

As the best potential free-agent apart from LeBron, he is attracting interest from the Chicago Bulls and Houston Rockets, while joining Miami has also been loosely mooted, but key players like LeBron would have to re-negotiate a reduced salary to accommodate him.

LeBron James is such a transcendent player that his instant arrival in LA would change the landscape of the NBA and turn the Lakers back into instant play-off, and Championship contenders.

Are we expecting it to happen? Well Carmelo would be far more likely - given he appears closer to the exit door right now, and how the NBA Championship Finals play out will have an effect on LeBron's decision.

Right now, Lakers fans would settle for one, and it really doesn't matter which.

Here's a look at the duo mocked up in Lakers uniforms: