DICE create Faith for a new generation in Mirror’s Edge E3 vid

Mirror's Edge 2 E3 Video Screen 1

Conceptual footage for the Mirror’s Edge title from DICE and EA was shown during the E3 press conference on Monday this week.

Mirror’s Edge is one of those games with a niche following. It’s a game that is loved by many fans, but seems to be somewhat overlooked when we speak about big games of the last decade. With the EA press conference the other day, DICE showed some conceptual footage for the new Mirror’s Edge title and spoke of their vision for the game.

In the E3 video below you’ll hear the devs speaking about where they’re currently at with Mirror’s Edge and how they’ve spoken to Parkour artists to understand what moves are possible, as well as how they can expand on them.

The conceptual footage shown looks great – from a first-person perspective, like in the first game, we’re shown quick and fluid movement that seamlessly integrates with combat. The devs also speak of multiple paths in order to reach your objectives, and how skilled players may take a quicker more rewarding route, whilst a lesser skilled player may take a safer path.

Check out the video below and let us know what you think; is the game living up to expectations so far?


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