Vlade Divac blames flopping on Shaquille O'Neal

Former Sacramento Kings and LA Lakers star, Serbian Vlade Divac has hit out at old rival Shaquille O'Neal.

Flopping is everywhere these days. Dwyane Wade has already been fined during the current Finals for this ridiculous piece of playacting.

Even Lance Stephenson and Roy Hibbert have been at it – and that’s coming from an Indiana Pacers team who prided themselves on being the ‘anti-Heat’, despising everything they represented and sneering at their flopping antics, (LeBron being the main transgressor).

In 2012 the NBA instituted an anti-flopping policy, and former Lakers and Sacramento Kings centre Vlade Divac has spoken out in favour of the rules.

Some will say that’s ironic.

Vlade Divac in his time garnered his own reputation for acting on the court when flopping was still a rare occurrence. Reggie Miller of course was another repeat offender.

So it comes as a surprise that he is now trying to lay the blame for the proliferation of flopping at the feet of an old foe.

Shaquille O’Neal.

Vlade told NBC Sports: “No, I started [flopping] because of Shaq, because they didn’t want to call fouls,” Divac said. “So that’s not my rule, that’s Shaq’s rule.”

Vlade and Shaq became familiar with each other during the early 2000s. The Lakers and the Sacramento Kings squared off in the playoffs three times in a row, culminating in the controversial 7 game series in 2002.

From all appearances the anti-flopping policy – written warning and then escalating fines for recurrences- isn’t providing the deterrent the NBA intended it to be. The fines are relatively small when you consider the pay packets the players receive.

You do wonder if Vlade would have been so brazen with his flopping if the rules had existed in his day.