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The new World Cup rule that should be introduced in Europe

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This year's World Cup will see referees armed with cans of vanishing spray to ensure free-kicks are set-up correctly and European football should take note.

There will be a few new innovative ideas in place at the tournament, including goal-line technology for the first time ever, though the vanishing spray that referees will be given is a simple, yet useful idea that should be used across Europe too.

The spray is a water-based substance that has been compared to shaving foam, and it allows a match official to place a line ten yards from where a free-kick is given to ensure that the wall remains in place.

The referee also makes a mark where the ball should be placed so that the taker can not move the ball further forwards and the spray will disappear a minute after it is marked on the grass.

It is remarkable that it has taken so long to think of a way to stop the comical situation whereby a referee positions a wall ten yards from the ball before turning his back and the entire wall creeping forward like naughty schoolchildren.

It is already a system in use throughout South America as well as Major League Soccer in the USA, and was also used by FIFA at the under-20 World Cup last year but will now feature on the biggest stage this summer.

European football should look at bringing in the spray across regional leagues as well as the Champions League and Europa League as it can only improve the integrity of the game.

In addition FIFA have allowed the use of goal-line technology at the tournament for the first time, eradicating incidents like Frank Lampard's goal that never was against Germany in South Africa four years ago.

Ironically it is a German company that have beaten England again as GoalControl were selected as the providers of technology by FIFA ahead of British firm Hawk-Eye.

Goal-line technology along with the vanishing spray will allow football to remain as the main focus during the tournament and European leagues should look at following suit.

Vanishing spray in use during an MLS game:





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