John Calipari rejects huge Cleveland Cavaliers head coach offer

John Calipari

The Cleveland Cavaliers head coach search continues.

Kentucky Wildcats coach John Calipari is the man they wanted and they offered him a mega contract worth more than $8M a year to coach the Cleveland Cavaliers.

According to Yahoo Sports they offered him $60M plus over 7 years, while ESPN claim the offer was $80M over 10 years.

Either way he would have been the highest paid coach in the NBA alongside San Antonio Spurs coach Gregg Popovich.

If he accepted the offer he would also have a presidential role, a privilege that extends only to a select few of Stan Van Gundy, Doc Rivers and Gregg Popovich, having the final say on player recruitment.

It was a project he considered diligently but he has since turned the Cavs down opting to stay with the Kentucky Wildcats, signing a 7 year contract worth $52M plus bonuses.

He coached his team to this year’s NCAA championship game.

Cleveland were taking a big risk offering the role to someone without NBA experience since serving as Philadelphia 76ers assistant 14 years ago.

Presumably his success in nurturing young players is a quality attractive to the Cavs. The bulk of their talent is under 25, including Kyrie Irving and Dion waiters, and of course, they have the number one pick in the draft.

Sporting News reports that he was persuaded to stay in Kentucky because Andrew Harrison and Aaron Harrison, starters from the latest season, decided to stay with the Wildcats instead of declaring for the draft.

The Cavs are rumoured to be pursuing Steve Blatt or ex-Cavs player Mark Price.