Guys, could smart phones be killing our sperm count?

Specialists have been researching whether mobile phones have any impact on our sperm count and the results are quite alarming...

An investigation was carried out at the University of Exeter that involved 10 separate studies and 1,492 different men. Worryingly nine of the ten studies found that exposure to a mobile phone, whether it be a smart or dumb phone, was having an impact on the man's sperm.

Obviously most, if not all us guys keep our phones tucked away inside our pocket when we aren't using them. But with the average pocket being around 3-4 inches away from our 'sperm farming organs', perhaps we ought to look for a new place to store our mobile phones.

It's inconclusive what it is inside the phone that sperm doesn't like, but the Environment International journal believe it is closely connected to the electromagnetic radiation that phones can give off.

Lead researcher of UoE's investigation, Dr Fiona Mathews told the BBC: "The studies are coming out with a consistent message that sperm motility declines with exposure to mobile telephones and similarly proportion which are alive, it's about an eight percentage point fall."

It's not all bad news though guys. Dr Mathews says unless you already have a fertility issue there is no real need to panic, she advises those with fertility issues to store their phone somewhere a little further away from their prized asset.

Critics have claimed that the UoE's experiment did not have nearly enough subjects, that the sperm wasn't tested in controlled conditions and that all the male variables weren't taken into consideration. What both sets of specialists do agree on though is that much more research is needed into this rather alarming topic.