F1 drivers' argument escalates - on Instagram

Perez in car

Formula One drivers Felipe Massa and Sergio Perez have continued their battle from Sunday afternoon’s Canadian Grand Prix - on Instagram.

The pair collided on the final lap of the race, leading to heavy accidents for both men. They were subsequently taken to the circuit medical centre and released after checks, while Perez was later hit with a five-place penalty for the Austrian Grand Prix for causing an avoidable accident. 

Massa made his feelings clear afterwards, calling Perez "dangerous", and yesterday posted a picture (below) on his Instagram account that seems to show Perez’s move across the circuit, seemingly supporting the Brazilian’s claim that he was the innocent party.

Massa Instagram

However Perez, who continues to protest his innocence, responded with a still image of his own just an hour later (below). This appears to show his hands straight on the wheel, while Massa's are angled towards the rear of the Force India car. 


Rob Smedley, the Williams team's head of vehicle performance, has also joined in the argument, stating that it was wrong of Force India to leave Perez on track when he was suffering from brake problems.

"Perez braked very, very early. Either he jinked his car to the left, or because of brake problems it jinked to the left, I don't know," said Smedley, who spent several years as Massa's race engineer at Ferrari and remains very close to the Brazilian.

"I think it was lap 67, [he was] talking about having no rear brakes. So they told him to carry on if he could, and if you can't then to pit, which seems to me to be a fairly f***ing terminal problem to be honest.

"I'm a bit peeved to say the least that this has happened. We were very lucky not to have someone seriously hurt," concluded Smedley.