Xbox exclusive beta for Evolve and new monster revealed in E3 trailer

Evolve Cover

At the Microsoft E3 press conference a new trailer was shown of Turtlerock StudiosEvolve, showing gameplay and a new monster.

We’re excited about Evolve at HITC, but when we saw the new trailer for the game during Microsoft’s E3 press conference, our excitement went stellar. Not only does the game look great, but the trailer footage below show off a new monster.

The new monster is quite different from the Goliath we’ve seen in previous trailers and gameplay footage. It sports four eyes, tentacles, and long legs which keep set it high off the ground. We also see some variations on the different classes, including a robot support class character. Xbox One will also play host to an exclusive open beta coming in the future, and receive all DLC content first, before other platforms.

Take a look at the awesome trailer below.



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