This week’s new Wii U download games

Wii U Black

Check out the new Wii U titles out this week on the UK Nintendo eShop.

My First Songs

One for those with young kids into their singing. My First Songs for Wii U is a karaoke game featuring some well known nursery rhymes and childrens songs. Originally out on the WII the Wii U version brings the same fun playing and learning experience as before to help encourage your little’uns singing skills. If you have trouble imagining what that will be like here’s the trailer for the version that came out on the Wii

Super Punch-Out!! - Virtual Console Super Nintendo

The fourth in the series that started with punch Out on the NES. Super Punch-Out!! is a classic boxing game that sees you sparing on the way to the top of the WVBA (World Video boxing Association) leaderboard. Face up tagainst your foes in championship Mode watching their movesets and going for their weak points or practice you skills on single opponents in Time Attack Mode retro style/

Soccer - Virtual Console NES

Want to experience what real old school football sims were like? Soccer was Nintendo’s first football game on the NES originating in 1985 and way back then was doing what EAs FIFA is doing now except with some glorious 8Bit sounds instead of recorded commentary. Choose from seven national squads (Brazil, Germany, Spain, France, England, Japan and the USA) and five difficulty settings, playing against a friend or the computer. Check out the gameplay footage below things haven’t changed all that much!

That’s what’s new to download for Wii U on the UK Nintendo eShop this week. Please leave a comment, negative or positive about what you think about the latest Wii U offerings.

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