Sony and Microsoft readying to take the floor at E3 games expo

Ps4 And Xbox One

With the games press waiting with bated breath the two main competing console giants will be giving their E3 press-conferences later today.

The conferences are a prelude to E3 proper which kicks-off on June 10th. Microsoft will be making their announcements first at 9.30am Pacific Time (5.30pm in the UK) with Sony giving their media brefit hours later at 6pm Pacific Time (2am in the UK).

You can head over to Twitch to catch up with the goings on.

Also showing today will be press conferences from EA at 12pm pacific Time (8pm in the UK) and Ubisoft at 2pm Pacific Time (11pm in the UK).

It’s expected EA will be showing more ot Battlefield Harline and possibly something of a new Mirrors Edge title. Ubisoft should also be showing off Assasin’s Creed Unity, amid recent rumours the game will have a full co-op campaign.

Nintendo will be hosting their briefings first thing on Tuesday 10th June at 9.00 Pacific Time (5pm in the UK) and may well be revealing a new Mario Maker game building software.

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We'll be reporting more on E3 events as they happen

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