Planetside 2: Rumored PS4 Release Date Debunked & New E3 2014 Trailer

Planetside 2

Planetside 2 will be showcased at E3 in the next few days. So far a rumour has been debunked and a brand new trailer has been revealed.

We had suspicions that the June 30th Launch was a bit too early, it certainly seemed that if this was the case we would be looking at a Beta as opposed to the final product however, thankfully SOE have confirmed that the launch date is not real. What we think is that the E3 showcase will be revealing the real launch date since its just around the corner.

It is very likely that the PS4 will receive either a private or public beta before launch which could potentially be released in the next few upcoming months. Currently standing even the higher end PCs are struggling to run Planetside 2 without performance and frame-rate issues and so it comes as a shock when the PS4 can deliver 60 fps and 1080p (The equivalent of ultra settings for the game on the PC). The developers have assured us that the PS4 can handle the specs and that it is easier to for them work with as a platform, but without a Beta, bugs are incredibly likely and a game of such a large scale. 

What does this mean for PC? well if the PS4 can run the game on ultra settings, then the PC issues are likely going to be fixed. The PC is a more powerful machine and so when the performance issues are eventually patched, the experience will be all the more enjoyable and most people will  be able to run the game in full settings. If the new continent is released this year, it is likely that it will be released in correspondence with the PS4 release.

What we do have to show is one of the new E3 2014 trailers for Planetside 2 PS4.

Below you will find the new trailer:

More will be revealed at E3 and we will continue to update you when we know more.

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