Mario Kart 8 spawns new Luigi Death Stare viral sensation

Nintendo Wii U Launch

Luigi upstages Mario as Death Stare memes, gifs and videos spread like wildfire.

One of the new features to come with Nintendo’s latest Wii U darling Mario Kart 8 is the Mario Kart TV replay reels. Allowing you to follow specific racers, gamers have spotted the determined and rather menacing look on Luigi’s face which has in turned sparked off a spate of online media celebrating his ‘Death Stare’. The Mario Kart TV function also allows you to slow down race footage intensifying the Death Stare experience. You can see what we mean in the video below.

Once playing a clumsy second fiddle to Nintendo’s evergreen front man Mario, Luigi is now being reinvented as a internet championed bad ass.Here’s some reimaginings of Luigi inspired by his unnerving stare.

Ice Cube Luigi

Bouncing in Ice Cube's Low Rider


Terminater 2 luigi

Terminator 2 Luigi co-starring Peach


GTA LuigiGTA Luigis


Pulp Fiction Luigi

Even Pulp Fiction Luigi

 If you're having a laugh with the new Luigi Death Stare craze please feel free to drop us a comment. Is The Mario Kart TV race reel feature the best thing to come with Mario Kart 8?

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