Is this what the iPhone 6 will look like?

Multiple photos of what is allegedly the iPhone 6 have been leaked online by French website Nowhereelse.

It's that time of year again, the iPhone 6 release is on the horizon and picture leaks are flooding through on a weekly basis. It's French tech site that have leaked the images again; they're quickly becoming a consistent source for Apple leaks having leaked images of an alleged iPad Pro back in mid-May.

The latest images appear to be very consistent with what the iPhone 6 is supposed to look like; a larger display, a redesigned rear and curved edges are all prominent in these pictures.

iPhone 6 rear leak

From the images you might think 'Wow that's one ugly rear'. You're not alone in that, even I do at the moment. These leaks rarely do the products any good, two years ago when the redesigned iPhone 5 was due for release people were slating the new design saying it was awful looking. The same happened for the iPhone 4 when Gizmodo got hold of a real prototype, and that in my opinion is the best looking smartphone ever made.

Until we see real product images or the device in our hands, which will not be until around August or September, then we will not really be able to appreciate how it looks.

The most notable change here compared to the iPhone 5s is the reintroduction of curved edges. The original iPhone up until the 3G had curved edges and then they were done way with after the release of the 4. It might make the device more comfortable to hold but could make it more slippery to hold and prone to drops.

iPhone 6 sides leak

For me the most unattractive part is the antenna-break lines at the top and bottom, they just look cheap in my view. Obviously these breaks are essential as antenna signals can't pass through solid aluminium, but will they really look like this?

Next you see that the buttons have been redesigned and repositioned. The volume buttons have been elongated and the mute switch looks slightly narrower, which could mean they are moving to the up-and-down flicker like the iPad rather than the side-to-side one that the iPhone currently has. The image also shows the Sleep/Wake button has moved from the top to the right-hand side; this is a pretty commonsensical move considering the iPhone is certainly going to be larger, and thus leaving it at the top would make it impossible to reach for the average user.

Perhaps the most unusual part of this image and something that could make people doubt its authenticity is the cutout for the Apple logo, which has always been a solid part of the aluminium frame for previous iPhones. Some say it could be for a glowing Apple logo but for iDevices that is very unApple. In the past iPads have had the logo cut out, and then had it embedded to help with the antenna signal. It is likely to be the same scenario here (even though a glowing logo would be really cool).