Will Nintendo bring a fix for Mario Kart 8 Fire Hop technique?

Mario Kart 8 for Wii 04b

Gamers have spotted a trick with the new Mario Kart game that has some calling for Nintendo to bring out a patch to remove it.

Known as Fire Hopping the technique allows you to gain almost double the amount of time you get when pulling out of boost. You perform the trick by jumping a number of times after you’ve gained a boost either by drifting or with a mushroom. By doing so you minimize the amount of time your wheels are in contact with the ground thus prolonging the boost.

After hearing of the Fire Hopping we’ve found ourselves that with a bit of practice it can be used to shave seconds off your track times. Some of the Time Trial ghosts you can download to race against show other players using the trick. Fire hopping is reported to work with all vehicles bar some of the inner drifting bikes such as the Flamerider.

Opinion is divided within the Mario Kart 8 community over Fire Hopping with some seeing it as an unfair advantage over uninitiated hoppers, especially in Time Trials. In a poll conducted yesterday on NintendoLife there was only a slight margin in favour of demanding a fix for the exploit.

For Nintendo who undoubtedly won’t like to see controversy over their latest hit release, there may be a desire to smooth out Fire Hopping especially as it’s not officially contained in the manual. We’ve queried the issue with Nintendo UK and will let you know if we get an official response.

What are your thoughts? Should Nintendo provide a fix for Fire Hopping exploits? If so do you think they will?

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