Sega Megadrive: 10 great games you have to play (part one)

Sega Megadrive

We go oldskool and find 10 great games that are still as much fun to play today as they were when they came out over 20 years ago.

Never played on a Sega Megadrive/Genesis? If you haven’t you need to and if you had one back in the 90's or still have one today then this is going to be a nice nostalgic trip that will hopefully make you dust off your Sega and have some retro gaming fun! However don't worry too much if you don't have one as quite a few of these games are available right now on Virtual Console, XBox Live and the Playstation Network.

Check out part one of the 10 games that made this iconic machine worth having. Let us know what you think about our first five and your favourites for this much loved console.

Streets of Rage 2

This huge side scrolling beat em up was a definitive Final Fight Killer and when it was released it was one of Sega’s most memory hungry cartridges to date when released. This iconic game has it all, great graphics, large and varied levels, multiple characters to choose, tons of special moves and one of the best gaming soundtracks ever to grace the system. This was a massively successful series that for some reason never went any further than the Megadrive which was a huge shame.

FIFA International Soccer

The FIFA you know and love started out on Sega’s console and when it came out 20 years ago it blew the competition away with its great graphics, atmosphere and sheer playability. Curving a ball in to the back of the net for the first time really was an exciting prospect back then and is still fun today!

Road Rash 2

EA knew the Megadrive inside out after they reportedly back engineered it to see how it ticked and Road Rash 2 was one of the games that show their technical prowess. Supremely fast, frantic and incredibly satisfying when you knock an opponent of their bike and gut wrenching when you hit a tree/cow/car/building. It trumps the first game because it added split screen two player and more weapons in to the mix.

Gunstar Heroes

This manic side scrolling platform shooter was the first foray for Treasure, the developer who went on to do amazing things (Radiant Silvergun and Sin and Punishment anyone?). This game was fast, tough, looked and sounded great with some novel and unique touches that made this game stand out amongst the competition! It also had some great sprite scaling that the Megadrive wasn’t meant to do but did very well considering its limitations!

Thunder Force 4

This side scrolling shoot em up starts off with awesome attract mode intro and then let you choose the progression of the initial levels which adds variety early on. However it’s the gargantuan bosses and the frantic non-stop action that have made this game a classic. You’ll also be humming the soundtrack for days after as well which is no bad thing in my opinion.


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