PICTURES: #LeBroning goes viral as Miami Heat star mocked over NBA Finals cramp

The best of the virals sweeping the web poking fun at Miami Heat's LeBron James.

As the Miami Heat went down 110-95 in the NBA Finals Game 1 to San Antonio, LeBron James was as always the centre of attention.

The Heat star couldn't handle the heat, as the air conditioning in the arena broke down, and left the court in the fourth quarter, allowing the Spurs to pull away.

LeBron has always been a target for fans to poke fun at, and the sight of him being carried from the court was the lasting image from Game 1.

And it has spawned a new trend on social media: #LeBroning as perfectly illustrated by the American radio DJs above.

Here are the best of the rest, featuring Lance Stephenson and Peter Griffin. Get better soon LeBron!