DC Universe Online Update 37? and Update 38?

DC Universe Online

Update 37 is now live and some new features including a new legends character have been added. However, a few noticeable bugs have streamed into the game.

Experiencing problems with sound on DCUO? PS3 has had a few audial issues after the latest DC update; all other games will work completely fine. This is now fixed, you will need to install a 20 mb update upon launch. If sound does not work, turn subtitle support off and relog.

Update 37 hasn't been a disaster though, Earth Powers have been completely revamped and now do more damage, it is now much easier to DPS with Earth powers, the Tank role for this power has also been significantly improved. A new legends PvP character has been added (Supergirl) who will cost 100 marks of legend for legendary and premium members or will be available for 1000 MC on the marketplace for all players. We recommend getting her through marks of legend. Several other changes to the T6 Duos have been made, the sub bosses are now much easier to kill, in Circe's trial you will be assisted by a cyclops during the final boss, who now uses a bow. Many other changes have been made, a full video of the live-stream will be displayed below.

Amenities are now available for purchase on the marketplace and several bundles have been added to gain lots of them in one bunch, your base can now store up to 6 at a time and they can be used in each base since you have an infinite amount of them. However, one thing to notice is that because of this, the spawn rate for the collections that reward these for free has been significantly reduced, the collection nodes in Arkham Asylum, Ace Chemicals, Ryker's Island and Steelworks are harder to find.

Update 38 will feature the brand new survival mode, it does not require DLC independently and it is available to "everyone", but not quite, there is a catch. Survival mode is precisely for the strongest DC players, which will mean unless you have T6 or the DLC required to get this gear, you won't be able to participate. In addition to this, survival mode is temporary and will not be available forever.

Survival Mode will reward style sets (presumably rare) instead of powered gear so there is opportunity to gain some style feats. However, survival mode will have no independent feats. Instead of waves, there are stages and within these stages are small waves. There is a number of waves that take place in a stage, in the demonstration there was about 3 or four before it terminated in a boss fight (each stage will close with one of these). Rewards will not be granted per wave, but instead per stage. The survival mode will play out like a raid and require 8 people, as soon as one person is down, unless they are revived. The survival is effectively endless and non-completeable, however, upon failure you can use replay badges to reset loot for stages, and you can always aim to get higher.

Update 38 will also completely revamp the electric power, hopefully we will see some improved animations alongside, fingers crossed that none of the good powers are removed, although it has been conformed that the animation time will be shorter. It may be likely that the survival mode will reward "epic" styles such as master mercenary and possible auras as loot, perhaps the rarity of the style will increase dependent on the difficulty of the stage. 

Here is the Live-stream:

What is your take on the new survival mode? Should it be more accessible to lower geared players? Should it require replay badges? What do you think of the Earth power update? Will you be purchasing any amenities from the marketplace? What do you think of the new update overall? We are interested to know

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