Boston Celtics NBA Trade Talk: Featuring Kevin Love, Carmelo Anthony, Rajon Rondo

All the latest NBA rumor surrounding the Boston Celtics.

It was just two seasons ago a Doc Rivers coached Boston Celtics reached the Eastern Conference Finals and went toe to toe with Miami Heat.

The core of that group, Ray Allen, Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett, and Rivers himself have all moved on, and their success with it.

A 25-57 season, ranking them 12th below the likes of Detroit and Charlotte emphasised the changes which have to be made, and they are expected to be among the big movers this off-season.

What can we expect?

Kevin Love?

Kevin Love is the NBA's most in-demand player. Almost every team in need of the All-Star, are currently looking through their roster to see what trade packages they can muster together to convince Minnesota to deal him, one year before he becomes a free agent. It is Boston however who lead the pack.

Love was pictured in Boston last weekend, reportedly checking out the city, and went to watch a baseball game. He also met up with Celtics star Rajon Rondo, although Rondo himself played down the rumors saying they talked for just '39 seconds'.

ESPN report the Celtic's chance of acquiring Love is 'far from a slam-dunk', with Minnesota believing they can get better value than anything Boston can offer them elsewhere even a package including the draft's number six pick.

Carmelo Anthony?

What about a big three of Rondo, Love, and Anthony? Yeah Celtics fans should probably stop dreaming for a moment but this is certainly the time in the off-season to do it. Carmelo Anthony is the best potential free agent available in this year's draft, and is exploring his options to move on from the New York Knicks.

CBS Boston write that 'Melo would be an 'outstanding fit' at the Celtics, and report: "Melo has always wanted to play with Rajon Rondo."

Rajon Rondo's future?

Rondo himself was earlier linked by outsiders as potentially being used in a trade package to acquire Love, but that just does not make any sense, for Boston would likely still be in the same situation, reliant on one top star.

GM Danny Ainge is reportedly happy to resist all enquiries for the point guard, who said this week he wants the team to make big additions this off-season, giving no indications he expects to be traded.

Draft prospects?

The Draft Lottery could have been kinder to the Celtics, but it also could have been worse. Boston have the sixth pick in this year's draft, and are reported by CBS to be 'locked in', on Arizona forward Aaron Gordon.

That may not however be entirely decided upon. The Boston Herald report that Danny Ainge is exploring the possibility of trading up to the 76ers number three spot, not to make the pick, but to put it towards a package which will tempt the Timberwolves to trade Kevin Love.