Shadow of Mordor E3 trailer teases Immortal Gravewalker

Shadow of Mordor Talion

The latest E3 trailer shows a sneak of the undead wraith spirit bound to Talion

Another big title to look out for at this year’s E3 is Monolith’s epic Tolkien-inspired action adventure Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor. In preparation for the event a new E3 trailer has been released by Warner Bros giving a brief look at the Immortal  Gravewalker Wraith spirit that has been bound to Talion by an unbreakable curse. Fortunately both the Wraith and Talion seek revenge against the dark lord Sauron.


Warner Bros have also announced some more Runes are available to those that sign up for WBID account which you can do here.

There are two new Runes available: Signing up for the WBID will get you the Orc Hunter Rune which increase the terror inflicted by Talion’s stealth takedowns, you’ll also get the Gravewalker Rune by accessing Palantir upon launch, this will spread fear into Sauron’s army when his Orc Captains are defeated.

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