Punish yourself some more with the new Dark Souls 2 DLC

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The Lost Crowns DLC for FromSoftware’s Dark Souls 2 will arrive next month for PC, Xbox 360, and PS3. We have some screenshots and a trailer to show you.

If you weren’t done punishing yourself by playing more Dark Souls 2, there’s good news for you. The first chapter of The Lost Crowns Trilogy DLC arrives next month for PC, Xbox 360, and PS3. The DLC contains brand new areas to explore and enemies to be killed by.

The first chapter to be released is the Crown of the Sunken King, which will be available in Europe and Australasia on 22 July for PC and Xbox 360 owner, with PS3 owners getting it on 23 July. The release dates for the other two chapters are below:

Crown of the Old Iron King (Europe and Australasia)

26 August for PC and Xbox 360

27 August for PS3

Crown of the Ivory King (Europe and Australasia)

23 September for PC and Xbox 360

24 September for PS3


You can pick up a Season Pass for the whole DLC trilogy over on Steam for PC and PSN for PS3 now.

The first chapter, Crown of the Sunken King, sees players looking to reclaim crowns that Drangleic’s King Vendrick used to own. The DLC features a new world within the Dark Souls 2 universe, with stepped pyramids in a huge underground cavern. One of the ancient crowns is said to be buried in the caverns, but expect to have to fight (and probably die a lot in the process) your way to get to it. In a press release Bandai Namco said, ‘Players that seek adversity and glory will be rewarded with a crown that holds the strength of lords from times long past.’

Herve Hoerdt, VP of IP Strategy, Marketing and PR at Bandai Namco has said, “We are pleased to offer this new Dark Souls experience with The Lost Crowns trilogy to players seeking for more challenges!” Hoerdt went on to say, “With this Season Pass, Bandai Namco Games is pleased to extend the Dark Souls experience over this summer!”

Some screenshots of the DLC trilogy, and a trailer for the first chapter are below.

Dark Souls 2 DLC Crown Of The Sunken King Screen 1Crown of the Sunken KingDark Souls 2 DLC Crown Of The Old Iron King 1Crown of the Old Iron KingDark Souls 2 Crown Of The Ivory King 1Crown of the Ivory King



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